Frequently Asked Questions

It is very easy. Go to Register Page and create an account, use an email that you have access to, it is necessary for the confirmation process, and then go to Login Page to enter the Chat. Or just go to Login Page and use Social Login buttons.
In Android when you are in Home Page you will see a message that prompts you to install a Web Application click the message and then install. From that momment you can use the Icon on your screen to access Chat. In Ios just click to the share icon at the bottom of your browser window and then from the list select Attach to Start Screen.
The minimum age required to use StuffGate is 18 years, but it's ok if you are 16 years. Adult content it is not allowed anyway.
Yes, registration is required to use StuffGate Chat.
It's free. No need of credit card to become a registered member and do not give your credit card number to anyone and in general be careful with your personal informations.
No, it's not allowed to have more than one acount. And you can not register as female if you are male and the oposit.
Click to the small settings icon appear in the right side of his name and his status and in about page that appears you can block or unblock the user. In the same page you can report the user. But be careful, do only the necessary reports or blocks.
Adult Content is not allowed at all! No matter the type. For example you may post an artwork containing nudity, but you can't post a hentai image.
Just delete it and repost again.
No. It is strongly prohibited on our website and anybody violating this rule will face serious consequences.
Because our bad words filter not allows this words. Please, do a fair use of this Website.